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Much Marcle, Ledbury, Herefordshire. Wedding Photographer We started professional photography in 2004. Becaming dedicated
wedding photographer in Herefordshire in 2007
after we moved to Much Marcle, Herefordshire.
Jessica & Richard, Country Wedding with us as wedding photographers Worcestershire. We never script a wedding day,
obviously there are a few shots that you have to get,
but since the people, decoration and outfits are always different, nevermind the unique individuals,
we just let the day develop before us. Recording your wedding day in wonderful photographs.
We react to the atmosphere. So the whole experience is
an elegant and relaxed wonder, as it should be.

Emily and Jonty, Country wedding where we were the wedding photographer Herefordshire When we do take the photos
that every wedding must have- rings, Bridesmaids, Mothers,etc...
we let the photography be inspired by those in it and the surroundings about us.
So, for instance, the group shots at your wedding will not look like any group shots from any other wedding.
Your wedding photos will have their own unique feel and aesthetic.

Kat and James, photographers duet wedding photographer Hereford Cathedral Your wedding album
will then have it's own individual feel and atmosphere;
because every photograph in it is worth looking at over and over again. No fillers.
Our philosophy is that if a photograph is not worth looking at a second time,
it is not worth taking in the first place. Every photograph is a good one.

Lucy's Bridesmaids Wedding photographer Gloucestershire. Another axiom we work by is;
and it is hard to believe that not all photographers do this:
The ladies at a wedding have made such an effort to look great,
then any photograph of a lady should be either:
stunning, or obviously having alot of fun.
Men, well men can be caught gurning- that's just character- lucky men.
Never, ever would we release a photo of the bride looking anything other than amazing.

Jessica and Richard, photographers duet wedding photographer Worcestershire. When you look at a photographer's porfolio,
if they have pictures of a bride looking anything other than
amazing, then what are they going to do at your wedding.

That is one of the advantage
of having two photographers covering your wedding.
Gail and John do see the world in different ways
and often take photographs of the same scene and
capture totally different emotions and atmosphere.

photographers Duet Wedding Photographer Herefordshire,
We love to travel so we are also Cotswold Hills Wedding Phtographer Gloucestershire.
We are on the county border in Ledbury
so if you wish we are Wedding Phtographers Worcestershire; and
Wedding Phtographer Monmouth area.

Lizzy and Tim, Cheltenham Pitville Pumprooms. photographers duet weddings photographer Gloucestershire. If your wedding is a
huge occasion (the whole village has snuck in),
intimate (only the very important people in your lives),
Formal(well behaved and close shaven),
Z-a-N-n-Y ( max out the fun),
unique( been thinking about it since childhood),
Gay and Lesbian( at last, everyone can now get married )
or just an nice day for everyone you like
Gail and John of photographers Duet will find the
aesthetically pleasing and atmospheric photographs in your wedding day.

Notable wedding reception venues in the area and great for wedding photography are:
Eastnor Castle, Homme House, Lyde Court, Lyde Arundel
Hellens, Clearwell Castle, Hampton Court Castle, Chateau Impney.
Situated at the border we can easily be wedding photographers Worcestershire, Wedding Photographer Gloucestershire.

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You can contact us on 07906 306 949 or 01531 660 649, or
Our address is
Church Lane, Much Marcle,


photographers Duet are Wedding Photographers Herefordshire.

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